‘Shiri’ by D.S. Taylor- 4 Star Review!


‘Shiri’ by D.S. Taylor is a book that drags you in from the second you start reading. The plot flows smoothly, and the word choice is perfect. It’s a heart-wrenching story that had me crying… buckets…. buckets upon buckets of tears. At points, the story also made me laugh, gasp, and get extremely angry. It was an emotional roller coaster all the way around, which is what I – personally – enjoy. The book would have easily been a five star read except for the ending. I don’t do spoilers, so I’m not going to tell you why the ending lost the book a star. It wasn’t even the whole ending, just one single point that had me going “AH! NO! THAT’S NO FAIR!” Otherwise, I could easily say that this book was one of the best I’ve read in quite some time – I was enthralled from start to finish.  I will definitely be reading more from D.S. Taylor in the future, for she is an extremely gifted storyteller.

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