Ouray’s Peak, by Leigh Podgorski- Five Star Review!!!



Although I love many books, give many four and five star reviews, it is rare that a book seems to physically move me. From start to finish, “Ouray’s Peak” by Leigh Podgorski was a book which wrapped me up in the story. I could feel what the characters were feeling, see what they were seeing, and hear what they were saying. The story touches me. Although I am not Ute, I have a strong Native American lineage, and I know well many of the things done to the people- of varying tribes. The story conveys it’s deep seeded message in an entertaining way, and the word choice is…perfect. I really am not sure what words I can use to explain just how truly gripping, thrilling, touching, and…perfect… this story really is. I’m rambling, and I know this, but allow me to say this: I recommend this book to everyone. Everyone. If you can put this book down after you pick it up, you are a stronger person than I am, because I found it nearly impossible. The only reason this book got put down were things I couldn’t postpone any longer- supper was already late, the errands were put to the last minute…and I finished this book in a single day. Honestly. It’s not that short, either, but I…well, I couldn’t stop reading. You won’t either. Read this book. Trust me.

*This review was written by Chelsea*


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