Peer Pressure Vs. True Friends, by Dr. Orly Katz- Five Star Review



“Peer Pressure vs. True Friends” by Dr. Orly Katz addresses some very real issues that kids of all ages face in today’s society- well, that they’ve always faced, in all eras and societies. Peer pressure is a very real problem, and this book teaches kids how to deal with that problem without droning on and sounding like a text book. Between the worksheets and personal stories about the author herself, the book becomes a very personal, touching, sincere guide to overcoming peer pressure, and it gets kids started on working through it immediately. I’m going to save this book for that not-so-distant future when my own daughter will be able to read it, because the truth is that she’ll be able to put it to good use. I highly recommend this to parents of primary school students, primary school students themselves, or even teachers of primary school. Whether you believe your child/student needs this book or not, I can tell you that they will certainly benefit from it, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

*This review was written by Chelsea*


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