Southern Attraction, by Tracy Kauffman/Three Star Review


This story pulls you in right from the very beginning. The author is talented, to be sure, and the plot line is incredibly interesting. It starts out in a way that you would assume is cliché, but moves forward to show you that it is not cliché at all. I only had two problems with the book, and they were both matters of personal preference. First, I felt the story was a little rushed, and second, I felt it lacked depth. I felt more like I was being TOLD rather then SHOWN. Of course, I’m a real stickler for details- the more, the better. Now, allow me to stress the fact that the plot line is fascinating. I also greatly appreciated the fact that this book highlighted the tragedies of the Alabama tornado. I have a large portion of my family who are from Alabama, and I know how hard that tragedy affected everyone. Second, I greatly appreciated the fact that the author slipped in some information about Addison’s Disease, as it is a little known disease that should receive more attention. My Mamaw suffered from it, and I know the travesties it can wreak upon a body when left unchecked. If there were a follow up book, would I read it? Probably. While I prefer more detailing at a slower pace, I couldn’t help but feel drawn into the story nonetheless. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a sweet, light read that highlights a few major traumatic events.

*This review was done by Chelsea*

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