Where Hummingbirds Come From, by Adele Marie Crouch/ Three Star Review



The story was very cute, and both my daughter and I enjoyed it. I would actually rate it 3.5 stars, but obviously I’m unable to do that here. Although the story was very cute, it read just a little ‘broken’ for lack of a better word. I think mostly I tripped over all of the “grandmother said” parts in the book. I believe that the author could have reworded it a bit, or simply left out the “grandmother said” parts here and there. The pictures of the hummingbirds were fantastic! I did feel that the pictures of people were not overly appealing, but certainly not crude either. My daughter enjoyed it more than I did (obviously, as this is a children’s book), and would have probably rated it a 4 or 4.5.

*This review was done by Chelsea*

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