Blood Upon the Rose, by Tim Vicary – Four Stars

blood upon rose ♥♥♥♥

The Blood Upon the Rose is a historical love story-taking place during the 1900s highlighting the conflict between Ireland and England. Catherine is a strong woman outspoken medical student who falls in love with Sean a member of the Sinn Fein (a group of Irish rebels). The problem is that Catherine’s father is on the opposite side of the war, so you see forbidden love element to the story brewing. I’m really not into historical novels; in fact it took me a longer time to read the book but that is not to say the novel was not well written. The characters were realistic and well developed. They all had their strengths and flaws. I enjoyed how outspoken Catherine was in a time where it was frowned upon for women to speak up. I also liked how Sean’s character developed. The love story become a triangle when Catherine’s father introduces Major Andrew Butler, a man her father has hired to kill Michael Collins the leader of the Irish rebels.  This was the epic forbidden love story that you see throughout history – think Romeo and Juliet as one reader noted. You can’t help to root for all sides of the story, but you know that somebody is going to lose. Again, I thought the author did a great job in creating the environment. For me, I just wanted more romance and the ending was memorable. Would I recommend it? Yes, only if you like both history with romance.

**This review was done by Sandra**

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