Bled My Blood, by K.K. Ojeda- Three Stars


The plot line of ‘Bled My Blood’- the actual story itself is fantastic, and the ending leaves me dying to read the next book. The thing though, is that the book has a very large amount of grammatical errors and typos. If it weren’t for those, I would give this book five stars, because the story itself deserves that. I found myself tripping over the errors, however, and had to put it down several times when I got frustrated. The question always ends with this: Am I going to read the sequel? Yes. Errors and all, I am dying to find out what ends up happening to all of the interesting characters. The author gave a lot of detail to her characters and made them very realistic. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good romance with a twist. On a side note, I do give the author a lot of credit on the cover artwork. The photograph used perfectly fits the book, and is very eye catching.

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