Where, oh where, do I even begin? Okay, so the book is based below the Mason-Dixon, i.e. the south. It actually takes place in Mississippi, and the main character is a strong, Christian farmer who has quite an interesting story for a small town southern boy. That being said…



Well, Troubled Fields is quite a story. Actually, it’s more like a really big great story in which smaller, just as great stories, are intertwined. Each individual person jumps to life with vivid detailing that makes you grow attached to them- almost as though they were your friends. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: that my dear friends, is the mark of a good book. What I really liked was that the book was subtly Christian based. It wasn’t in your face, but it put the word of God out there in such a way that even stubborn people would not be offended. The tale is so awe inspiring, deftly woven with a very realistic Christianity. It is the type of southern Baptist upbringing I had. Actually, the book reminded me very much of my own upbringing, and in the strangest way possible, I was so thankful that it did. Those days are past me, but I almost felt as though I could reach out and grab my own memories even as Ray reached out and grabbed hold of his. I know I’m rambling, but the book has me shocked. It was a stunning narrative- an inspirational story of true endurance and preservation in the face of ungodly turmoil. It is a book that everyone could learn something from, and become so wrapped up in the story that they didn’t even know they were learning anything. I laughed, I cried, I even talked to the book as I was reading!!! (Much to my husband’s confusion!!) Seeing as he is so talented, I certainly hope to see many future publications from Dennis Manor. I will be one of the first to read each of them!


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  1. Thank you, Chelsea, for your very kind words. It’s humbling to hear that the book touched you in the way it did. I would love to hear your conversations with the book!

    • You’re very welcome.The conversations were rather choppy, but I was so into the book I couldn’t help it! haha.

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