17378422‘In The Between’ is a very unique, interesting story about reincarnation. The main character travels through the ‘Bardo’ and revisits a number of her past reincarnations. Although I don’t exactly believe in such things, I found the tale to be fascinating. Imagine if karma and reincarnation were true, and you have your story. It was written in such a way that everything was easily understood, even by someone (such as myself) who didn’t have hardly any knowledge on the subject at hand. As a lover of history, however, I more than appreciated the historical accounts and facts thrown into the stories via the past lives. A very vivid picture is painted throughout the story, and I found it very easy to lose myself in what I was reading. I would highly recommend this book by May Sinclair to anyone who wants an in-depth read that will keep you thinking while you stay entertained.

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