Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin, by Chun Yu Wang- Four Stars


Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin is a unique tale about a Chinese woman who was a factory worker on Saipan. In the story, you find out about the working conditions that she and other factory girls were forced to work in, as well as learn about her personal life outside of the factory. While I did enjoy the story, I found that the ending of the book was rather blunt. It seemed to simply cut off in the middle of the story, which is the only reason why I gave this book four stars instead of five. I enjoyed the tone of the book, and felt that it kept true to her story (the book was translated). I like the fact that Chun Yu Wang never gave up hope, and kept working towards a better life for herself, although she certainly made plenty of mistakes along the way. I also enjoyed noting the differences between Chinese culture and American culture differ. At one point, I remember reading that the author called a girl fat because she weighed almost 160 pounds, and I had to giggle because here, in America we don’t consider that overweight. The Chinese sayings you find throughout the book are also very interesting, and I think that they add a bit of merit and personality to the book. All in all, I highly recommend that anyone who enjoys biographies or memories read this, but do be ready for an abrupt ending.

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