FIVE STAR REVIEW! ‘Night of The Necromancer’ by Kyle West & Jelani Sims

10176692Let me start by saying that I do not read horror, and I am not interested in Zombies. I don’t watch zombie movies, and I usually don’t read zombie books. I did not think I would rate this story above three stars. Period.


It was the choose your own adventure thing is what originally got to me. Besides, who hasn’t at least once questioned whether they’d be able to survive a zombie apocalypse- hypothetical though it may be? Well, I now know that I probably wouldn’t survive. I went through three different ‘adventures’ by myself and ended up ‘dead’ at the end of each one. So I brought my husband into it and read him off the story and the choices. He got much farther than I did, but he also ‘died’ at the end of his first adventure. We went at it together, and I am proud to say we survived the apocalypse…barely.


The writing was descriptive and well worded. I really felt like I was there (and it was horrifying!) The story line was actually believable, despite my not believing in zombies. If zombies were real, this story would happen, no doubt. What’s more is that everything ran together so smoothly. Bonus? You can read this book a dozen times and come up with a new story every time. I highly suggest this book to everyone.

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