FIVE STAR REVIEW! ‘Gaga For Gridiron’ by A.J. Newell

imagesEveryone who knows me knows that I am a ‘football fanatic’- if you don’t what that means, you need to read this book. ‘Gaga For Gridiron’ is an easy to understand book on everything football, specifically geared towards women. I began reading this book with a football knowledge I would rate a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. After reading the book all the way through, I would rate myself an 8. Like every person who watches every NFL game every year, I knew a lot, but some of the slang used by the announcers game me problems. I now understand most of what I did not before. Another thing I was not completely clear on were the varying defensive and offensive formations. A lot of these were also cleared up for me after reading this book.


I recommend this book to anyone who has even the smallest inclination towards football, whether it be NFL or college. If you know nothing at all, you can read this book and come away with a basic grasp. If, like me, you already have a basic grasp (or perhaps a bit more) you can walk away from reading this book with an even wider grasp of the game of football. Two thumbs way, way up. A fantastic read, and a wonderful reference guide.

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