The Journey, by John A. Heldt- Four Stars


‘The Journey’ was, for the most part, a fantastic read. It was well thought out, engaging, and the characters were extremely realistic. I think the latter is the reason I have to admit I did not, at all, like the ending. Okay, that’s a little harsh. No, I did like part of the ending. I liked the happy part. I liked that Shelly, Brian, and April were able to live better, more fulfilling lives as a result of the whole situation. But I did not like the ending for Michelle. I felt as though it were heart breaking, and not in a good way. I like a good sob as well as anyone else, but truth be told, I disliked that my hopes and expectations got up that she had her second chance in her second life, just for something bad to happen to her in the end. I also felt it was just too abrupt an ending.

Besides my qualms with the ending, the story was fantastic. John A. Heldt is a marvelous writer with a ton of ingenuity, raw skill, and an almost shocking attention to detail (which is my all time favorite attribute in an author). I read ‘The Mine’ also and must admit I am in love with his writings. I love a good historical read, and a time travel novel is even better (when written properly). I just wish the ending for ‘The Journey’ had been a little more like the shock-and-awe-happiness I experienced with ‘The Mine.’ Life is not always that way, however, and despite all that I have said about the ending, I can appreciate the genius with which Mr. Heldt was able to give his readers a realistic ending mixed with a fairy tale happy one.

*This review was done by Chelsea*

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