‘Embers At Galdrilene’ by A.D. Tropser- Five Star Review!!!!

Embers-at-Galdrilene-Version-5Five Stars*****

A.D. Trosper has managed to give life to a whole new world, filled with fantastically diverse and realistic characters. By the time I had read through the first six chapters or so, I felt as though I were amongst friends. The entire book plays out like a movie inside of the mind, making the reading effortless. There are no dull parts at all. ‘Embers at Galdrilene’ is truly one of the most fantastic fantasy books I have read in a long time. Fantasy is one of those genres that I tend to be extremely picky with, and yet I could find not a single flaw. There was nothing I thought that could use a little work or be built upon. The book is perfect exactly as it is. I was so drawn into the plot, so connected with the characters, that I lost many nights of sleep…and gladly to! It would have been impossible for me to stop reading. The story ends on a subtle cliffhanger that leaves you wanting to know what happens, yet without the annoyingly dramatic effect some authors are fond of using.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone who even remotely enjoys fantasy, magic, or dragons; or anyone who enjoys a truly thrilling and inspiring read. You will not regret taking a chance on this book, you can be guaranteed of that!

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