Sports and Me

I know that it’s been quite some time since I managed to post on the blog. Health problems apparently seem to enjoying plaguing me, but hopefully that streak of bad luck is over and done with…despite still having a stuffy nose and a few other cold-related problems. Anyways…
It is a rather strong stereotype that sports are a man’s game. At least, all of the good sports. Women have been written off as avid tennis watchers and cheerleaders, and it’s been left at that. Either that, or it is assumed that a woman does not watch, nor understand, all of the good sports. How wrong that is. You see, there are a great many women who truly enjoy sports. They enjoy watching them, playing them, and following them with rapt attention. I am one of those women. In fact, I tend to sometimes be  more of an extremist than my husband is. My sister-in-law, a cousin, and a friend- all women- are also perhaps some of the biggest sports fanatics I have ever had the distinct pleasure of meeting. So what kind of sports am I talking about here? Well, when it comes to sports, I fall under one of four categories: fanatical, avid, dabbler, and indifferent. Keep reading.


If I am a fanatical fan of a sport, then I watch all of the games, have very distinct favorites, get very involved when my team or player wins or loses, wear the merchandise, and even forgo other plans if it interferes with me watching what is going on. For me, this would be pro football and NASCAR. I have a whole collection of fan merchandise for these two sports: shirts, jerseys, pajamas, wall decor,blankets, etc. You name it, and if I see it, I’ve probably got it. Thus far this season, I have only missed one football game- and that was due to being in the hospital. Can you believe that they don’t show the games on the ER screen? What a shame. As for NASCAR… even if I can’t  watch most of a race, I have rarely missed the last fifty to a hundred laps or so. I’ve missed maybe five races, and that’s only because the races seem to fall during times that I have prior engagements I simply can’t miss. Getting back to pro football…who are my teams? I have two number one teams that rank pretty much even in my mind: the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sounds like an odd mixture, huh? Yeah, I know that it does. It just so happens that I share these two team picks with my sister-in-law, however, so I suppose it isn’t too much of a mixed bag. Why would I choose these teams? Well, Tampa Bay is an obvious choice. It’s a home team. I grew up in the Tampa Bay area, and Raymond James Stadium is a very familiar sight to my homesick eyes. But what about Green Bay? For starters, it is a team my step father has rooted for, for years. Second, they are an amazing team in general. Third, I believe that Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the game right now. Fourth, it just makes sense to me, okay? haha. What teams do I despise? I won’t get into that, since that sort of thing starts wars between us fanatical fans. On to NASCAR. My racer has always been the exact same, since I was just a tiny little girl of six sitting in the amateur stands in Hudson, listening to the whir of the motors and the metal clanking that denotes a crash: Dale Earnhardt, Junior. That’s right. I have no other drivers, although I give Danica Patrick her kudos for getting out there and racing with the big boys. That takes more balls than most men I know have. Anyways… besides Dale Junior and Danica, I’m fairly indifferent about most drivers. A few I can admit run a real nice race- Kenseth, Johnson, etc. Yet like all fanatical NASCAR fans, I do have drivers I hate. I’m talking about that gut wrenching, can’t stand to even look at them, sort of hate. I just can’t help it. Jeff Gordon was the only one I couldn’t stand for the longest time. It was one of those things… my mom was a Dale Junior (and previously Senior) fan who despised Gordon, and so I was destined to become one as well.  Recently, however, I’ve developed a distinct dislike for Tony Stewart. After seeing what a big baby he is when something doesn’t go his way- and how jerky he is about it to boot- I couldn’t stand him. Even I know that Dale Junior isn’t going to win every race, and that once in a while he is going to crash or he is going to have something go wrong… but here’s the thing: Dale Junior takes everything in stride. You simply can’t be a good winner without being a gracious loser. Period.


If I am avid about a sport, I tend to watch most of the games, have a few pieces of merchandise…but I won’t drop everything to run and watch a game. I will, however, always make sure I keep track of the score, wins and loses, even if I can’t actually watch the game. This would include college football and baseball. I won’t get into this as much as I did the previous sports… but I will tell you that I have two college teams: the Gators and the Hornets. I’ve been a Gator’s fan as long as I have a Tampa Bay fan…it’s only natural. Another family tradition sort of thing. (The Gators are doing AWESOME this year,  by the way. haha :D) As for the Hornets… I went to school with their quarterback, Greg Jenkins, for around six years or so. I’d feel like an awful person if I didn’t root for him, you know? Baseball I have only one team- the Rays. Another home team. Down south, the home team’s are usually the ones we go for, seeing as our home towns are number one in our eyes.


If I am a dabbler, I keep up to date with the scores, but I rarely watch the games. I might own a tee shirt or two, but I’m not one who really goes out of their way to purchase any sort of merchandise. I cheer when my team of choice wins, but I don’t really get upset when they don’t. The only real sport I ‘dabble’ in is hockey. I have a chosen team, another home town favorite- Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m not a real big fan, but I definitely enjoy keeping up to date and I like to watch the games when I can.


This one is simple. All other sports- those I didn’t mention here- are sports that I really don’t care about one way or another. You won’t see me wearing or displaying any merchandise, and you will not catch me watching the games. Plain and simple.

So what about you? Share your thoughts with me on what sports you follow, what teams or people you go for, or even if you are just one of those people who don’t care about any sports one way or another. I’d love to here what you have to say!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lissa Elliott St.Clair
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 10:21:55

    On Saturdays I bleed blue and white (Penn State NIttany Lions) and on Sundays I bleed black and gold (New Orleans Saints). This should give you a clue how I feel about my football teams! ~Lis : )


    • Dixie's Ranter
      Nov 09, 2012 @ 20:57:36

      You go girl! I feel the same exact way about my teams! 😀 I love it when other women are so ‘die hard’ about football! 🙂


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