Psychotically Endearing Toddlers

I can already hear what you are thinking: Did she really just call toddlers psychotic? Yes, yes I did. As the very proud mother of a beautiful three year old girl, and coming from a very large, extended southern family, I can honestly tell you I believe they are psychotic: but in a very endearing sort of way. See, it kind of goes like this: I guess that toddlers aren’t really insane or psycho as much as they are imaginative, and wholly committed to everything they believe in and are doing. Let me explain.

My good friend (and author) Lissa commented on my Facebook post earlier this week and told me that the little tidbit of a story I had posted for the enjoyment of everyone would be a good blog topic. I agree. What happened is that I went into my daughter, Vikki Beth’s bedroom to check up on her.Thankfully, she has reached the joyous age of self entertaining, so I can leave her to her own devices (in her childproof, safe room anyways) for a little while. I keep an ear out for any screams, thumps, bumps, or other indicators that something might be amiss, including the age old parent worrier: silence. I worked online, updating my blog, promoting myself and my work, and doing some freelance article writing I do to make money on the side.I hear Vikki Beth talking and laughing up a storm in her room, and then something caught my ear and attention. I heard her praying. Now, we are a Christian family, despite the fact that we are not church goers. I”m not embarrassed to say that we pray over our meals and before we go to bed, and we pull out the bible now and again to read when we feel the need to. Yet I had never heard my daughter pray by herself before, and I thought it was very touching. Her prayer went like this: “Dear God, Bless me. Bless us. I love you Lord. Jesus Name. Amen, Amen, AMEN!” It was already a loud prayer, but by that last amen she was practically yelling. Smiling, I went into her room and all thoughts of how touching the moment was went out of the window in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. My daughter was stark naked, sitting halfway inside of her toy box, with a bunch of toys covering her mostly from the waist down. She was also so into what she was doing, she didn’t even see or notice me. I covered my mouth with my hand, and left the room to laugh uproariously in the other room.

That wasn’t where it ended, however. Vikki Beth came out as I was telling my own Uncle about what I had seen. She smiled at me when she heard what I was talking about. As a joke, I said to my Uncle, “I don’t know if the us she was praying for was the family or her toys.” Vikki Beth, as serious as the day is long, looks up at me and my Uncle and says, “My toys.” Then she proceeds to use her hands as a pretend camera and snap pictures of her beloved stuffed Kangaroo and plastic toy dog.  I, of course, burst out into a brand new fit of laughter, and my little angel laughed along with me. I’m sure she wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but she figured it must be funny if we were laughing so hard.

So now do you see why toddlers are psychotically endearing to me? This is just one of the many funny things my daughter has done. Sometimes I’m amazed at how funny she can actually be, and as a mother I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t trade one psychotic moment for a million sane ones any other way! 🙂

**The pictures by the way, are of my very own goofball 🙂


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  3. Lissa Elliott St.Clair
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 11:24:20

    Great story! Reading this brought back memories of my children when they were toddlers (they are 25,24,22, and 20 now). I especially remember something my oldest daughter did when she was 3. I found her standing on a chair she had pushed over to the counter top in the kitchen. With her arms reached over her head and behind her, she was happily snipping her long blonde hair off with a scissors she had pulled out of the utensils container! I was in shock, not knowing whether to scream ‘STOP’ or calmly ask her what she was doing (I didn’t want to scare her and make her fall). I decided to go the calm route. She said in the sweetest and most innocent voice, “Look, momma! I’m cutting my hair!” ~Lissa


    • Dixie's Ranter
      Sep 05, 2012 @ 12:53:16

      haha! That is very cute, but I’m sure it was very frightening as well. It’s really hard to stay made at something like that when toddlers are so darn cute about being so bad! haha.

      I actually did something to similar to my own momma as your daughter did to you. The difference was that I was about 6- me and my 4 year old sister sneaked my mom’s hair cutting scissors out of the bathroom (where it was hidden in a box on the very top shelf of the closet), and we then proceeded to cut each others hair. Then we went to sleep. My momma went to brush out my sister’s hair, and lo and behold, there were two bald spots. haha! My own hair wasn’t any better, but the two of us thought we had done such awesome jobs! We told my momma that we thought so, and she couldn’t help but laugh. After that episode, however, the main door to our room was locked from the outside each night. See, our bedroom had two doors- one that lead out into the main part of the house and one that lead directly into my momma’s bedroom. The door to my momma’s bedroom was the only one we could get out of until morning!

      It was smart thinking, but unfortunately, it didn’t keep us out of trouble. Not two weeks later I painted our entire wardrobe with finger paints, glitter paints, and black stamp ink. THAT my momma did NOT find very funny… lol.


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